Monday, 9 January 2017

Ceremony Schedule 2017

We facilitate heart-opening Cacao Ceremonies that combine meditation, songs, chanting, sound journeys, sharing  circle, connecting with our Hearts and tapping into the flow of Universal Love. Join the global Cacao Connection!

Call or Text Kristin & Tanner in Canada at: 250-466-4069  

Join us for Cacao Magic in 2017!

We are touring North America this Spring and Summer!

Upcoming Cacao Connection Events in Alberta and BC:

April 22nd in greater Victoria area (location TBA) - Heart of the Goddess - A Circle of Sisters in Sacred Ceremony - Women gathering to deepen connections with self and Sister Goddesses
Event link here: Heart of the Goddess

April 28th - Friday evening - Pender Island
Event link here: Sacred Cacao Ceremony on Pender Island

May 5th - Friday evening - North Vancouver
Event link here: Sacred Cacao Ceremony North Vancouver

May 7th - Sunday evening - Harrison Hot Springs
Event link here: Sacred Cacao & Sound -Harrison Hot Springs @ Crystal Spirit

May 12th - Friday evening - Red Deer, AB
Event link here: Sacred Cacao & Sound - Red Deer, AB

May 13th - Saturday evening - Bragg Creek, AB
Event link here: Soul Medicine in Bragg Creek

More events are unfolding in the coming months! Stay tuned...and please contact us to book a ceremony in your community too!

Our Past Cacao Ceremonies - 2015-2017:

April 8th - Saturday evening - Duncan @ Collective Space with guest musicians
Event link here: Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Soundscape Journey

April 1st - Saturday evening - Tofino @ Coastal Bliss Yoga
Event link here: Soul Medicine: Tofino with Astaria, Light of Sound

March 31st - Friday evening - Port Alberni @ Avalon Organic Blueberry Farm
Event link here: Soul Medicine: Port Alberni with Astaria, Light of Sound

March 25th - Saturday evening - Victoria @ Private Residence
Event link here: Soul Medicine: Victoria with Astaria, Light of Sound

March 11 - Saturday evening - Duncan @ Harmony Yoga Center
Event link here: Soul Medicine: Duncan with Astaria, Light of Sound

February 25, 2017 - Victoria, BC
Soul Medicine: Cacao & Sound in Sacred Ceremony
Solwood Yoga Studio w/ Astaria, Light of Sound

February 11th, 2017 - Duncan, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony: An Invocation of LOVE for 2017
@ Harmony Yoga Center

November 12th, 2016 - Saturday in Duncan, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
@ Harmony Yoga w/ Astaria Light , founder of Light of Sound

October 21st, 2016- Friday in Cowichan Bay, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
@ YUM YOGA in Cowichan Bay

October 1st, 2016- Saturday in Langford, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Session
@ Spirited Gifts in Langford

September 24th, 2016- Saturday on Pender Island, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
@ private residence/yoga studio on Pender Island

September 18th, 2016- Sunday in Cowichan Bay, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ YUM YOGA in Cowichan Bay -  Crown Chakra!

September 10th, Saturday in Sooke, BC
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
with Astaria of Light of Sound
@ Nature's Chef Sanctuary Tipi, in Sooke

August 27th, 2016- Saturday in Nanaimo, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
@ private residence in Nanaimo

August 20th, 2016- Saturday in Langford, BC
Sacred Summer: Cacao Ceremony & Sound Bath
with Tara Johnson, Crystal Bowl Alchemist
@ private residence in Langford

August 14th, 2016- Sunday in Duncan, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ private residence near Duncan
Focusing on the 3rd Eye Chakra!

July 10th, 2016- Sunday in Duncan, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ private residence in Duncan
Focusing on the Throat Chakra!

June 12th- Sunday in Duncan, BCDivine Goddess Cacao Circle@ private residence in DuncanFocusing on the Heart Chakra!

May 21st, 2016 - Saturday in Nanaimo, BC
Full Moon Cacao Ceremony & Musical Magic 7-10pm
@ Private residence 3:30-11pm with afternoon Veggie Potluck & Music

May 15th, 2016 - Sunday in Duncan, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ private residence in Duncan
Focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra!

May 7th, 2016 - Saturday in Duncan, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Vibrational Sound Bath
@ Harmony Yoga Center on Duncan Street
with Guest Sound Healer Tanya Devine of Devine Didjeridu

April 24th, 2016- Sunday in Victoria, BC
Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony and Vibrational Sound Bath
@ Alive Studio  Co-hosted by Tanya Devine of Devine Didjeridu

April 17th, 2016- Sunday in Duncan, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ private residence in Duncan-
Focusing on the Sacral Chakra!

April 9th- Saturday in Duncan, BC
Sacred Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing Journey
@ Time To Heal - 511 Canada Ave.  
Co-facilitated by Sound Healer Hebecca Montoril

March 19th, 2016 - Saturday in Duncan, BC
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
@ private residence in Duncan
with guest Sound Healer Hebecca Montoril

February 14th, 2016- Sunday in Victoria, BC
Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony and Vibrational Sound Bath
@ the Church of Truth 6-10pm. 
Co-hosted by Tanya Devine of Devine Didjeridu and with Valerie Carter on Crystal Bowls

December 31, 2015 - New Year's Eve
Cacao Ceremony and Drum Portal Journey
Alara's Sacred Heart Sanctuary
Calgary, AB

July 26th, 2015
Divine Goddess Cacao Circle
Blissful Energy Yoga
Olds, AB 

July 25th, 2015
Community Cacao Ceremony
Private residence in Olds, AB 

July 12th, 2015
Cacao Ceremony with Vibrational Sound Bath
Cosmic Heartbeat Celebration  Sooke, BC

June 20th, 2015
Community Cacao Ceremony
Private Residence- Duncan, BC

May 20th, 2015
Community Cacao Ceremony 
Zihuatenajo, Mexico 
Pura Vida COOPERTIVA Vegana

May 16, 2015 -Saturday
Community Cacao Ceremony
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Location: The Sanctuary

May 9, 2015- Saturday 
Community Cacao Ceremony
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas MX
LOCATION: Casa Vegano Sol

Feb-March 2015
Community Cacao Ceremonies
Progresso, Yucatan, Mexico

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Divine Goddess Circles

Women and men both have a unique energy that desires to be celebrated and strengthened across the globe. The sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies can greatly benefit from immersion in a group of solely similar energies. There is a calling for us to join together to strengthen our own personal power and to uplift and connect to one another on a deeper subtler level. Since ancient times, sacred sisterhood circles have been a part of tribal medicine, spiritual growth and deeper connection and understanding of ourselves and one another. This allows a space for full exploration of what it means to be the embodiment of goddess energy.

Kristin facilitates cacao circles just for the goddesses to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment for healing and connection and exploring the raw beauty of the divine feminine. Women of all ages and all walks of life are joining together for our tasty, chocolaty Cacao Elixir, lots of laughter (also some healthy tears) and an abundance of deep healing. We sing, we chant, we meditate, we move, we express ourselves and together create a glowing orb of LOVE. You are being called to recharge your inner Goddess.

Blissful Energy Yoga Studio
Alberta, Canada - July, 2015

A beautiful space for a lovely circle of sisters.

Prepping the cacao elixir for our sisters.

You know a musician lives here when...the spatula is a guitar. Rockin' the cacao preparation!

Sharing some Truth Bomb cards that one of our sisters shared with the circle. So fun and so truthful!

Thank you to our host, Stephanie and to all of the goddesses who joined us. What a special experience. I look forward to sharing sacred space together in Alberta before long. <3

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Our Ceremonial Cacao Recipes

We have received many requests for instructions on how to use the ceremonial cacao that guests are purchasing from us at our events.
Below we have whipped up some easy recipes for you to enjoy your ceremonial grade cacao at home.

*Ceremonial Cacao Drink*

1. Grate or shave a shy 1/3 cup of your ceremonial cacao brick. (Exact dose is 42.5g) 

2. Pour the cacao powder into a glass or mug. Stir in a shy 1/4 cup of very warm (not too HOT) water. Stir until a smooth chocolate pudding consistency is achieved. (This step is important for a smooth drink!)

3. Now top up your glass or mug with more very warm water. We recommend about 10 oz. of water to a ceremonial dose of cacao for a nice palateable strength.

4. You can add a pinch of cayenne powder that will synergistically work with the cacao medicine to dilate blood vessels and increase the effects of the cacao. Natural sweetener of your choice can be added if needed. 

5.  There are many superfoods that combine well and work together with cacao. See the book Naked Chocolate for ideas!

*important: combining dairy with your cacao inhibits the cacao medicine to work properly in your system

*Cacao Orbs*
(makes about 40 balls)

1 cup walnuts
1 cup pitted moist dates, halved (soak in warm water for 5 minutes and drain well if very dry)

2/3 cup cacao paste, ground finely
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp ground Cardamom
1/8 tsp ground Fennel 
1/4 tsp ground Cinnamon
Pinch Ginger powder
Pinch Cayenne powder
*Optional 1/4 cup cacao nibs for crunch and cacao kapow!

1/2 cup cocoa or cacao powder for coating the truffles 

In a food processor, blend walnuts and dates for a few minutes until the dough starts to bind up and stick together. Then add cacao, vanilla, dry spices and salt. Blend well. You may have to scrape mixture into a bowl and hand mix, as it gets pretty stiff. 

Using a teaspoon, measure out dough evenly and roll into balls. Coat each ball by rolling them in cocoa powder. *Alternatives for coatings are small seeds, fine coconut, crushed nuts and hemp hearts, etc. 

Refrigerate and enjoy your daily dose of cacao medicine in this tasty treat. Also freezes well. Kids love these too!

Ps. There are endless combinations of spices, essential oils and super foods that can be blended into these balls to create cacao bliss. Experiment freely!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Cosmic Heartbeat 2015

This was one epic day full of magic!
Qigong, cacao ceremony, drumming circle, sound healing, vegan potluck and a sweet kirtan to close the event. We were so grateful to have been a part of this connection and healing for the land and people of Vancouver Island and beyond.

Here is a photo story of the cacao portion of the day, taken by Cori, our Cacao Connections teammate and angel. Enjoy!

Our biggest jar of cacao medicine for a ceremony so far! It was quite a crowd. 

Cacao elixir distribution commences.

We were graced with the addition of two sound healers using crystal bowls and didjeridoos. Such amazing vibrations.

Our friend broke out his didj also. 

Drum beats with some beautiful group singing. 

Sharing our guided meditation and journeying experiences with the group.

Tasting the mystical cacao beans!

Thank you to the hosts and organizers at Temple Home- Wild at Heart for this beautiful gathering. We hope it's the first of many similar events. <3

Friday, 15 May 2015

Testimonials of Gratitude

We are so grateful for the heartfelt feedback that we receive from those who have had transformational experiences at our ceremonies. We can't possibly record everything that is expressed to us at each event. So here are just a few things that people have shared with us... to share with you!

The God of Cacao. A poem.

Eight individuals all on the ground

Spirits of the compass hovering around

The beat of the drum establishes the pace

Cleansed by the sage, Creating sacred space

Sharing our Truth, strengths and weakness

Chanting several tongues, Creating high frequencies

All of our best intentions into the brew

That's when we knew, That's when our souls grew

A community united with the highest purpose

To appreciate and love abundantly, with surplus

To spread truth and oneness

My brothers and sisters, none are homeless

We live and prosper as one collective

For the God of Cacao has never rejected

or neglected those who call for him

So here we are together, happy as One

Only then is the Cacao Ceremony done.

Written with love by Lucca Matinata
Florida, USA

"Cacao Connection's ceremonies are a divine experience. Cacao's powerful medicine encourages a deep awakening within oneself and inspires us to live more fully from our heart centre. Kristin and Tanner beautifully embody a rare and powerful union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. They hold profound space for that union and for every individual they share their unique medicine with. I am so grateful to have been blessed with the medicine they offer; it will, indeed, help to awaken the planet, one being at a time." - Josie, Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada

"The cacao spirit was very healing. The heart of the shaman was very present. Everyone shared this joy. And that's not all! This morning I awoke at 6:30 am feeling some intense pain in my back. As I became present with this, the pain faded away and then started in a new area. I realized that each area held a history of physical injury and they were being healed one by one!!! The cacao healing wasn't finished yet!" - Nathan, Chemainus, BC

"Wow. Blessings and Gratitude to you for that awesome experience. I'm so filled with joy and feel like a weight I've been dragging around like a dead horse has been lifted!!! Can't wait for the next one!" - Kim, Victoria, BC

"My heart has opened that little bit more, just the right amount! thank you all for that wonderful experience. Can't wait till the next one while I'm still in this one!" - Jennifer, Saanich, BC

Fresh Cacao Pod from Oaxaca, Mexico

"Last night I experienced one of the most profound, transformative and healing experiences I have ever had. It was magical, powerful and it lifted my spirit in ways that I needed in order to heal and become open to change for myself and my family. I hope that I can host a cacao ceremony in the near future to share with others the magic of this plant medicine, so that others can expand their souls and open their hearts." - Heather, Nanaimo, BC

"I have had the pleasure of being in Cacao Ceremony many times with Kristin and Tanner. A very heart opening experience that they lovingly guide with the help of their crystal singing bowls. Their energy is wonderful and so honest,  in and out of circle. They share this gift in in a great time of need and I feel blessed  to bask in their light. I highly recommend this gentle form of self exploration. Namaste." - Karla, Duncan, BC

"Thank you for such a beautiful ceremony!!! It was truly powerful and exceeded my expectations." - Brooke, Victoria, BC

"You two are healers. You have taken the information from the stars and shared it with all of us here today. Thank you." - Gerardo, Chiapas, Mexico

"The thing I appreciate the most about Tanner and Kristin is that they walk the talk." - Dave, Canada/Mexico

"Deep, beautiful, reverberating thanks to you both for sharing your gift last Sunday was my first experience with this particular plant medicine and I look forward to her guidance in the future..." - Tara, Victoria, BC

"What an amazing event. I have so much gratitude for everyone who put the event on and for everyone who attended and provided their loving energy to create such a wonderful heart space. I am happy that I overcame my initial hesitation and made the decision to attend. I highly recommend this event to anyone who is on the fence of whether they should go." - Grant, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I did the cacao ceremony just out of curiosity. I didn't have any expectations. I just wanted to see what it would be like and what it's about. It was a really interesting experience and it was also very therapeutic. It was also really beautiful. I'm really grateful to Kristin and Tanner not just for doing the ceremonies but for being the right people to host them because that makes all the difference." - Deb, New York, USA

"Best Valentine's I've ever had. Thank you for all that held the space and made this Cacao Ceremony possible. First one I have ever attended and it was life-changing. I'll do it again. I love you all and thank you." - Larry, Galliano Island, BC, Canada

"What an incredible evening. I still feel full of love and awe at what transpired last night! Thank you for providing us with such a safe place to experience this and thank you to the entire group for sharing you!" - Helen, BC, Canada

"Feliz de haber entrado a este Mundo. Cuando viví mi primera Ceremonia del Cacao, tenía muchas dudas y temores, ya que me estaba enfrentando a algo totalmente desconocido y por un momento pensé que era algo que no iba con mi personalidad, pero una vez dentro, mi perspectiva y mi energía cambió. Y a pesar de lo difícil que es llevar a palabras esta experiencia, te deja una energía increíblemente positiva y pura que hace complicado dejarla una vez que ha terminado.
La Ceremonia del Cacao es un momento para viajar, reflexionar, sentir y dejarse llevar por el cacao y la rica compañía de cada uno de los que participan en ella, atravesando barreras lingüísticas y culturales, mostrándonos al otro tal cual es.
Cada vez que pienso en mi experiencia durante las ceremonias de cacao, me lleno de energía positiva y agradezco a Cory, Kristin y Tanner, por haberme dejado entrar en este increíble mundo, al cual anhelo volver pronto."

(English translation)

"I am happy to have entered into this world. When I experienced my first Cacao Ceremony, I had many doubts and fears, because I was facing something totally unknown and for a moment I thought it was something that did not go with my personality, but once inside, my perspective and energy changed. And despite of how hard it is to describe it in words, it leaves you in an incredibly positive and pure energy that makes it hard to leave once it is over.
A Cacao Ceremony is a time to travel, think, feel and let go with Cacao and enjoy the great company involved, through language and cultural barriers, showing to others who you are.
Whenever I think of my experience during Cacao Ceremonies, I filled me up with positive energy and I thank Cori, Kristin and Tanner for letting me get into this incredible world, that I hope to go back soon." -Natalia, Chile

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Cacao FAQ's

Tanner and Kristin, Founders of Cacao Connection

What IS Cacao?
Cacao is the edible seed of the Theobroma Cacao tree. These seeds, or "beans", are the base ingredient of our modern chocolate. Used in its pure form in a ceremonial setting and with personal intention, cacao can have many powerful effects on the user (more below about this). It has been named Theobroma Cacao by Linnaeus: Theobroma, which means "food of the gods", and cacao being a derivative of a combo of names used by the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica. It has been highly revered by ancient civilizations for several thousand years for its magic.

What can I do with Cacao?
Cacao is delicious and healthful and can be incorporated into your diet daily. It is super high in magnesium and antioxidants and contains many other minerals and healing properties. We have personally used it in hot drinks, smoothies, desserts, energy balls, and of course, all by itself (whole beans) as a snack. It is also incorporated into many beauty products for skin and hair due to its rich butter and high antioxidant content.

Where does Cacao come from?
Our naturally grown, shaman-propagated, ceremonial grade cacao comes from the mountain forests on the Pacific slope of Guatemala. Cacao is also grown in Mexico, Central America, northern South America, Indonesia, and the largest producer is the Ivory Coast of Africa. It grows on a small under story tree which bears multicolored pods that contain a white, fruity pulp that encases the seeds, or "beans".

Is our Cacao fair trade and organic?
Our cacao is not certified by any third parties. It is grown in natural forests and does not come in contact with any unnatural chemicals or fertilizers. The Mayan (and non-Mayan) people who harvest and process the cacao are paid very fairly for their time. They are very proud and happy to be a part of the cacao process. There are also many other hands that make it all happen. We have worked elbow to elbow with several of the native Mayan men at the cacao packaging facility and they seem very happy to be there working with the team! The group packages every pound of cacao with love and joy, to ensure that a positive vibe ships with the product all over the planet.
As of 2017, due to the gap in the Guatemalan postal system, we have started swirling a new cacao medicine into our ceremonies, grown organically in Uganda, Africa. By the magic of the universe, we have been so happy to connect with a craft chocolatier in the USA who has shared his medicine with us! 

*NOTE: Globally, and especially in Africa, many of the cacao plantations use child slave labor, and generally unfair labor resources, so please look for reputable sources for your cacao. Fair Trade certified is a really good option when possible, unless you know and trust the source of your cacao directly.

What is a Cacao ceremony?
A ceremonial dose of cacao is taken in the form of a warm drink. The use of cacao in this way can enhance heart opening and it can also be a connector, facilitator of growth, creativity booster and emotional and energetic healing aid. It helps us to raise our personal and collective consciousness. Our cacao ceremonies may include songs, drumming, journeying, meditations, chanting, sound healing, discussion, connection and sharing. Many people feel a shift in their overall well being after participating in these ceremonies. Cacao is a much gentler plant medicine than many other popular ones that are being used for modern healing purposes. It's a great experience if you are or are not familiar with plant medicines!

Who is facilitating these Cacao ceremonies?
We are Tanner and Kristin from the West Coast of Canada. In early 2015 we spent several months learning from our friend and teacher Keith ( the "chocolate shaman" and his family in Guatemala. For over two years, we have been using cacao on a daily basis. We initially started eating the beans, about ten per day, as a "truth serum". Not because we were withholding anything from each other, but mainly to be more true to ourselves and our hearts. Tanner also uses the beans for long distance walks, runs, bike rides etc., as the beans pack a lot of nutritional value and fit in any pocket. We have also attended many ceremonies, led by various teachers/healers in which we have personally experienced and witnessed the cacao medicine in action. We drum journey and meditate using cacao plant medicine and we often have communication with the plant spirit of cacao in meditations and music. Our passion for deeper connection with humanity is our driving force. (The cacao helps too.) 
What the world needs now is LOVE, SWEET LOVE!

What can I do to prepare myself for a Cacao Ceremony?
Honestly, come as you are! There isn't much you have to do other than to say "yes" to life and give your self the gift of attending a ceremony! Let life move you...

*Do please eat lightly and stay hydrated in the hours leading up to the ceremony, and hydrate for 24 hours following the ceremony. Avoid dairy products leading up to ceremony, as they inhibit the cacao from fully working with your being.

*Side Notes: Some seasoned students of cacao choose to fast on clear liquids the day of a ceremony to clear out the body and mind and make more space to invite the healing medicine of cacao inside. This is not necessary, but if it interests you, you may find that you will experience cacao even deeper than you already would living your everyday life. If you are a highly sensitive individual when it comes to stimulants and plant medicines, we suggest that you slowly work your way up to a full ceremonial dose.

What should I bring to the Cacao Ceremony?
You will only need a few things:

A mat and/or cushion and a blanket, and layers of clothing for comfort
*A FULL Water bottle*
A large mug for your cacao elixir
An item of gratitude for our ceremony's altar (flowers, fruits, candles, incense, items from Mother Nature, etc)
An open mind and a willing heart

Does cacao have health benefits?
Oh, GOSH YES! Cacao has so many health benefits that it would be crazy to write them all here. It's the highest food source of magnesium and it's also a "heart helper". It's super high in antioxidants too. May we recommend the book called Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie. It's so packed with cacao info! We have really enjoyed it and continue to reference it over and over. 

Are there any reasons I shouldn't consume cacao?
There are a few reasons why you may not want to consume an entire ceremonial dose of cacao, but in small doses, cacao can be a health enhancer for nearly everyone. 

If you have a serious heart condition, you may not want to drink the whole ceremonial dose, as cacao increases the heart rate slightly and dilates the blood vessels about 10-15%. 

The second reason you may not want to consume a ceremonial dose is if you are on a high dose of an MAOI anti-depressant Rx. Your doctor will likely have warned you again consuming certain foods while taking this medication, especially fermented foods.

Thirdly, keep cacao away from pets such as dogs, cats and parrots. These animals do not have the digestive enzymes to break down the cacao and it can be lethal to them. 

Pregnant women may wish to consume closer to a half-ceremonial dose, but studies have shown that mamas that consume a small daily dose of cacao while pregnant have happier babies (and happier mamas too).

For any other questions or info, or to book a ceremony, please send us a friendly note at

(Our up-to-date ceremony schedule can be found in the blog archive on the right side of our main blog page.)

See our other blog about life, joyfulness and adventures at

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Cacao: Exploring San Cristobal de Las Casas

Kristin feeling excited to sample some products from one of the many chocolaterias and cacao cafés in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, MX

Tanner checking out the goods at this chocolateria chain. Theirs was some of the best in town that we sampled.

What?! Organic handmade chocolate pasta?! What a crazy combo. It was tempting. How could it be bad?

A small but informative cacao museum in San Cristobal.

This might be deceiving. Actual cacao pods with a fake backdrop in the museum entrance. Pretty realistic, no? :)